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White House Launches U.S. Digital Service and Digital Resources

On Monday the White House announced the launch of the U.S. Digital Service.  According to the Administration, the Digital Service is a team of digital experts that will work with agencies to improve and simplify the digital experience for citizens and companies interacting with the government.  It will be led by Mikey Dickerson, who was [...]

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USACM Contributes To Big Data Review

As part of the Administration’s review of big data, privacy and the economy, the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) issued a Request for Information (RFI) in March.  The RFI sought comments on the public policy implications of big data, alone with some insights on the potential benefits of big data and the technology [...]

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USACM Provides Input On Next Version Of Open Government National Action Plan

As part of the Obama Administration’s Open Government Initiative, it released a National Action Plan in September 2011. Based in part on its progress on the first version of the Plan, the government is working on version 2.0, and requested input from the public. USACM submitted comments yesterday. A summary of our recommendations to the [...]

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Federal CIO Council Announces Re-Organization

The Federal CIO Council is the primary cross-agency group for information technology management in the government. On Friday the Council announced a major reorganization. Now led by the federal Chief Information Officer, the Council coordinates federal IT management policies, and works with the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the Office of Management and [...]

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Highlights from Clayton Lewis on “The Future of Inclusive Design”

At the FCC today, Computer Science Professor Clayton Lewis asserted a new paradigm for accessibility is emerging and that this paradigm may require changes to public policies related to accessibility, such as Section 508, and intellectual property laws. Professor Lewis, a member of the ACM U.S. Public Policy Council, kicked off today’s FCC’s Accessibility and [...]

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White House Open Data Executive Order Echoes USACM Recommendations

In early May the White House issued an Executive Order outlining a policy to make open and machine readable the ‘default’ for new and ‘modernized’ government information. This Open Data Policy would be implemented for federal agencies over the next few months, with quarterly progress reports following the initial rollout. While the Administration rightly notes [...]

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White House Staff Indicates Machine-Readable Data Will Become Normal Practice; Echoes USACM Recommendations From 2009

During his appearance at a meeting of the President’s Council of Advisers on Science and Technology, federal Chief Technology Officer Todd Park indicated that there would be new government data policies announced in 2013. This follows on the Digital Government Strategy announced in the summer of 2012. One of these policies will be to “makes [...]

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USACM Makes Recommendations On Continuity Of E-Government

One of the consequences of the recent East Coast storm was that several cloud computing services were knocked off line for several hours. As government services and information make greater use of the web and cloud services, interruptions to those services will have a greater impact during the next outage. To address such a situation, [...]

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Former Microsoft Executive to Replace Kundra as Federal CIO

Shortly before Vivek Kundra’s scheduled departure from the position of federal Chief Information Officer, the White House has named his replacement. Steven VanRoekel moves into the position from the U.S. Agency for International Development, where he was its Executive Director of Citizen and Organizational Engagement. He worked for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) before that, [...]

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White House Issues Federal IT Reform Plan

Last Thursday the national Chief Information Officer (CIO), Vivek Kundra, issued an implementation plan for reforming federal information technology. It’s a very detailed effort, and some parts of the plan will require Congressional authorization. The full plan is available online. As Mr. Kundra explains in a blog post, the plan comes as part of an [...]

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Government Agencies Release Open Government Plans

On Wednesday several federal agencies released open government plans, which is a requirement of the Open Government Directive issued late last year by the Obama Administration. The affected agencies can be found at the Open Government Dashboard, or at the agency’s Open Government page (http://[agency URL].gov/open). They include the major physical science funding agencies: the [...]

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Administration Finally Releases Open Government Initiative

After a few months of waiting, the Obama Administration released its Open Government Initiative last week. The initiative was just the start of what appears to be several steps from this administration to increase the amount of government data made available to the public, and continues a trend started with,,, and other [...]

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USACM Comments on Government Website Policy on Web Tracking Technologies

In response to a request for comment from the Office of Science and Technology Policy, today USACM submitted comments on how federal government websites should use web tracking technologies. These technologies include, but are not limited to, cookies, little bits of code that can be deposited on your computer to help the web site your [...]

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Track Federal IT Spending Online

Chief Technology Officer Vivek Kundra unveiled the IT Dashboard yesterday. The focus of this website is providing detail on all information technology investments by the various federal agencies. It’s a graphics-intensive effort, with charts and graphs at your disposal to help examine individual projects, individual agencies, and comparisons across projects and agencies. What’s covered by [...]

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White House To Try Online Brainstorming for Open Government

One of the earliest official actions of the Obama Administration was to issue a memorandum requesting a set of recommendations to inform an Open Government Directive. USACM has expressed interest in technical principles and standards that would support such an effort, and released a set of recommendations to that effect. In late May the White [...]

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Update on Recovery.Gov is one of the first deliverables of the massive funding package better known as the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). Mandated by ARRA, the site’s mission is to track all the funding distributed under the recovery legislation in order to promote transparency. USACM has argued that one of the most important things the [...]

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Make Recovery.Gov Web 2.0 Friendly

All eyes are on one piece of legislation currently being considered by Congress — The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. This legislation is essentially a massive funding plan intended to help jump start the American economy during the current fiscal year (FY 2009). We’ve been reporting about the science funding provisions of the Act, which [...]

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USACM Makes E-Government Recommendations

With the explosion of user-created content on the web, it is clear that the Federal government should take advantage of this trend by adopting policies that promote the reuse of government data. To help achieve this goal, USACM released the following recommendations and statement on enabling open government. (The press release for this statement can [...]

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Wash. Post: Feds To Mandate Windows for Government-wide Granting System

Update: Dave Schroeder from University of Wisconsin-Madison informs us that his university has developed a useful client for Mac users trying to navigate the system: “The University of Wisconsin has released a standalone package for using on Mac OS X as a service to the community. The package uses Citrix client software and a [...]

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