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Specter, Leahy introduce Personal Data Privacy and Security Act

Reacting to the current troubling situation regarding data security and privacy in the U.S., two powerful senators introduced legislation yesterday designed to better protect sensitive personal information. Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA) and Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT) — the two most powerful members of the Senate Judiciary Committee — put forward the “Data Privacy and Security [...]

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Proposed Export Rules Could Stifle Innovation

Update: Many organizations filed comments with BIS (the rumor has it around 200). The only one that we have seen so far (besides the CRA link at the bottom) is by the Association of American Universities. Apparently many business groups filed as well, including several IT and trade associations. We’ll post links to the big [...]

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Grokster Ruling: Supremes Preserve Betamax Standard, Turn Toward “Active Inducement”

Update: Press Release from USACM is below. Original Post 6/27/05: At 10:30 this morning things looked bleak for the technology industry as headlines raced across the wire “Grokster Loses in Unanimous Decision.” Now that the dust has settled a bit, the Supreme Court’s decision actually looks quite balanced. (Justice Souter wrote the opinion of the [...]

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The Supremes Rule Against Grokster

Update: We have a much more in-depth analysis and press release posted here. This from the SCOTUS blog on the Grokster case (which we have covered in the past): “Grokster, StreamCast Lose The Supreme Court ruled unanimously that developers of software violate federal copyright law when they provide computer users with the means to share [...]

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Latest data breach may fuel the push for federal regulation of data security

The NY Times has more information (and two follow-up articles) about the staggering loss of data at a credit card transaction processing company that came to light over the weekend: The security breach was first reported Friday when MasterCard International said a lapse at CardSystems had allowed the installation of a rogue computer program that [...]

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Senators considering ID theft solutions

Update – June 18: Details are emerging this weekend of a very large scale data breach of credit card data at a transaction processing center affecting some 40 million files. More details are available at the Washington Post and the NY Times. Yesterday the Senate Commerce, Science & Transportation Committee held a hearing on identity [...]

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More scrutiny of e-voting in Ireland

EDRi’s latest newsletter informs us about a recent article in the Irish Times [subscription required] describing the Irish government’s plans to subject their e-voting machines to additional security and risk-related scrutiny: The Government has initiated a new round of assessment and testing of the controversial €60 million electronic voting system currently in storage. An advertisement [...]

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Private investigators getting nervous

The Washington Post has an article today about the ongoing work of private investigators to prevent policymakers (and some data brokers) from limiting their access to Social Security numbers, a key tool of their trade for tracking individuals: Private investigators are working to blunt legislation that cracks down on the active marketplace for Social Security [...]

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Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn Receive Computing’s Highest Honor

On Saturday the storied team of Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn received ACM’s latest Turing Award for their work developing TCP/IP — the networking language of the Internet. The award is ACM’s highest and is considered by many to be the Nobel Prize of Computing. The Mercury News has a good story about the award. [...]

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NYT, EFF, and others push for more support for Holt e-voting bill

The NY Times is running an editorial today urging House members to support Rep. Rush Holt’s electronic voting bill (H.R. 550): There are many problems with American elections, but none more serious than the rise of paperless electronic voting, whose results cannot be trusted. Grass-roots reformers are in the middle of a two-day lobbying blitz [...]

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Citigroup reveals data loss

Update: The NY Times published a thoughtful follow-up article on data security today. Citigroup has become the latest member of a group of large companies that have suffered major data losses or breaches in the last several months. As reported in today’s Washington Post: A unit of financial services giant Citigroup Inc. said yesterday that [...]

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USACM Urges Reconsideration of Real ID Provisions

The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) convened a meeting today to look into the range of policy, technical, and social issues surrounding national identification systems in light of the recently passed Real ID Act, something we’ve been quite active on recently. In April, USACM sent the Senate a letter outlining its concerns about the security [...]

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NYT: Virtually Unprotected

The NY Times ran an editorial today sounding the cybersecurity alarm (again): [...] Experts have long warned that the nation’s power, transportation and communications systems are vulnerable to “cyberattacks” that could devastate the economy and cause huge damage to life and property. Now a new government report has concluded that far too little is being [...]

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