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ACM Releases Major Report on the Globalization of Software

After more than year of study, today ACM released its report (press release below, .pdf is here) examining issues surrounding the migration of jobs within the computing and information technology field. It found that, despite the media drumbeat on offshoring, that the demand for IT jobs remains strong. However, that doesn’t mean countries can be [...]

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USACM Releases Major Study on Voter Registration Databases

Update 2/17/06: Declan McCullagh wrote a nice story about the study for CNET Original Post 2/16/06: Citing the danger of voter fraud and disenfranchisement from poorly implemented databases, a committee of experts commissioned by USACM released a report today making almost 100 recommendations to state and local officials charged with creating and managing statewide voter [...]

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“Competitiveness” Policy Takes Partisan Turn in the House

Over the past couple of weeks I have covered (1,2) President Bush’s American Competitiveness Initiative. By and large, the response to this plan was bipartisan because he was embracing ideas that already had bipartisan champions in the Senate and were broadly supported by industry and the academic community. The House is another matter.

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Wash. Post: Feds To Mandate Windows for Government-wide Granting System

Update: Dave Schroeder from University of Wisconsin-Madison informs us that his university has developed a useful client for Mac users trying to navigate the system: “The University of Wisconsin has released a standalone package for using on Mac OS X as a service to the community. The package uses Citrix client software and a [...]

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A New Budget Season Begins As Last Year’s Finally Ends

The President has released his proposed budget, and taking a look at the research and development portion shows some winners (notably information technology research and development funding) and some losers (agriculture, environment, and transportation). Also, yesterday the President signed last year’s massive budget “reconciliation” bill, which ushers in the era of digital television and creates [...]

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Turing Award winner cautions Congress about Internet fast lanes

Members of the Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee met this week for a hearing into so-called “Net Neutrality,” the range of issues surrounding whether or not telecommunications companies should be prevented from providing (for a price) faster speeds or better access for some (perhaps at the expense of others) or whether Congress should step [...]

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ACM Washington Update, Vol. 10.1 (January 31, 2006)

CONTENTS [1] Newsletter Highlights [2] President Calls for Doubling of NSF and New Science and Math Education Programs [3] USACM Urges Congress to Adopt a Broader View of Data Security, ChoicePoint Gets Hammered by the FTC [4] Quest for More Information on NSA Spying Continues [5] Senate Commerce Confronts Broadcast Flag Issue [6] Sony BMG [...]

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