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Mixed Bag Data Security Legislation Inches Forward, USACM Comments on Proposal

Today Congress took another step forward in trying to deal with the numerous data breaches that continue to make news as the House Energy and Commerce Committee unanimously passed legislation (H.R. 4127) that would force companies to shore up their security practices. We’ve covered this issue in other posts (1,2), but for background the legislation [...]

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Maryland’s Governor Endorses Paper-Ballot Voting Machines

The Washington Post reports that Maryland Governor Ehrlich (R-MD) wrote a letter to the Chairman of the State Board of Elections calling for the board to replace touch screen voting machines with optical scan machines. According to the Post, his letter states: “Maryland’s lack of a paper trail means we are no longer a national [...]

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USACM Adds a Balanced Voice in the Copyright Wars

Let me apologize for not posting much lately. I can’t think of a busier time for ACM, USACM, and tech. policy happenings generally, than over the past couple of weeks. So first let me catch up on some of the major happenings. As I reported, ACM released its report on globalization of the IT software [...]

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ACM Washington Update, Vol. 10.2 (February 28, 2006)

CONTENTS [1] Newsletter Highlights [2] ACM Releases Major Report on the Globalization of Software [3] USACM Releases Study on Voter Registration Databases [4] Software Pioneer Peter Naur Wins ACM’s Turing Award [5] USACM Executive Committee Gathers to Set Goals for the Year Ahead [6] Cerf Cautions Congress on Internet Fast Lanes [7] Upcoming Events [8] [...]

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Software Pioneer Peter Naur Wins ACM’s Turing Award

ACM has named Peter Naur the winner of the 2005 A.M. Turing Award. The award is for Naur’s pioneering work on defining the Algol 60 programming language. Algol 60 is the model for many later programming languages, including those that are indispensable software engineering tools today. The Turing Award, considered the “Nobel Prize of Computing” [...]

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