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Post-Election E-Voting News

Two items of e-voting interest – aside from the ongoing audit in Sarasota County, Florida. has released its report on the 2006 election. It outlines the various difficulties experienced across the U.S. and notes that while there were no widespread problems, it would be hard to characterize the first widespread use of electronic voting [...]

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Audit of Sarasota County Voting Machines Starts This Week

Update – November 29 All the area papers have reported on yesterday’s parallel test in Sarasota County. There were some small discrepencies between the results and the scripts they had election workers run during the test. The video will be reviewed today. One item in the press coverage grabbed my attention. If I understand this [...]

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Election Problems in Florida — Again

Update – November 22 The major event since the last update is the filing of a second lawsuit on Tuesday contesting the election – this one by voters and poll workers, supported by several voting rights groups. I do want to note a couple of useful items put out by local press: Interactive map of [...]

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Meet the New Boss: Outlook for Technology Policy in the Next Congress

Update 11/16/06: One of the problems of doing a laundry-list type post like this is that you miss some issues, and some nuance when trying to summarize complex policy issues. Notably missing from this list are issues such as patent reform and reviving the Office of Technology Assessment (OTA). We don’t follow patent reform very [...]

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Innovation Task Force to Release Report Benchmarking Competitiveness

Update: Here is a link to the final report. Tomorrow at 11:00AM, The Task Force for the Future of American Innovation, of which ACM is a member, will be releasing a report outlining many different measures of U.S. competitiveness and making the case for increased investment in basic research in the physical sciences. USACM has [...]

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Election Day and E-Voting, A Running Blog

Today is Election Day across the United States. The main story is who will control Congress when the polls close, but of equal interest (at least to us) will be the experience of voters’ using e-voting equipment, considering that approximately one-third of voters will be using new, electronic, voting equipment today. In an effort to [...]

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ACM Washington Update, Volume 10.10 (November 6, 2006)

CONTENTS [1] Newsletter Highlights [2] Election Day to Test Electronic Voting Systems [3] National Academies Look to the Future of Computing [4] Engineering Offshoring Examined by National Academy of Engineering [5] Data Security Problems Continue to Plague the Government [6] About USACM

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