CRA Holds Snowbird Conference

By David
July 15, 2004

The Computing Research Association (CRA) held it biennial conference in Snowbird, Utah, recently. Running from July 11-13, the conference brought together the chairs of Ph.D.-granting departments of computer science and computer engineering, as well as leaders from U.S. industrial and government computing research laboratories. A number of other senior people from research groups, government, academia, and professional societies also attended. The goal of the conference is to provide a context in which attendees can discuss practical and strategic issues facing their organizations. More information about the conference can be found at

Snowbird policy panel Shown here is a photo from the conference’s technology policy panel. Seated left to right are Charles Brownstein (CSTB, USACM), Barbara Simons (USACM Co-chair), Peter Harsha (CRA), Jeff Grove (ACM Policy Office), and Eugene Spafford (USACM Co-chair).