ACM Washington Update Vol. 9.1 (January 31, 2005)

CONTENTS [1] Cameron Wilson Begins as ACM Policy Office Director [2] Numerous Briefs Filed in MGM v. Grokster Case [3] New Legislation on National Standards for Driver’s Licenses [4] PITAC Approves Report on Federal Cybersecurity R&D [5] White House Names New Homeland Security Director [6] Upcoming Events [7] About USACM [An archive of all previous […]

Congress Puts Spyware on Hit List

“The powerful House Commerce Committee on Wednesday made anti-spyware legislation a top priority, with members hoping to vote it out of committee in the next two to three weeks. “This is on the fast track, and we hope to be marking this bill up in the very near future,” said committee chairman Joe Barton (R-Texas). […]

U.S. Asks High Court to Curb File Swapping

“The government’s top lawyer has asked the Supreme Court to overturn the ruling that allowed the makers of online song- and movie-swapping software to stay in business. The legal brief, filed late yesterday by Acting Solicitor General Paul D. Clement, supports the entertainment industry’s bid to shut down song-swapping networks such as Kazaa and Grokster […]

Tech Firms to Seek Legal Protection From Pirating

“Several large technology corporations will urge the U.S. Supreme Court today to continue to shield businesses and innovators from legal responsibility if their products or services are used by consumers for illegal acts. The companies, including industry giants Microsoft Corp., Yahoo Inc., Google, America Online Inc. and Apple Computer Inc., will argue in court filings […]

Powell to Resign FCC Chairmanship

“Michael K. Powell will step down as chairman of the Federal Communications Commission after nearly four often-rocky years as the government’s top media and telecommunications regulator, the agency has confirmed. Powell, 41, the son of outgoing Secretary of State Colin L. Powell, informed his bureau heads this morning of his decision, which he said was […]

State bill could cripple P2P

“A bill introduced in California’s Legislature last week has raised the possibility of jail time for developers of file-swapping software who don’t stop trades of copyrighted movies and songs online. The proposal, introduced by Los Angeles Sen. Kevin Murray, takes direct aim at companies that distribute software such as Kazaa, eDonkey or Morpheus. If passed […]