Sensenbrenner and Davis bills square off

By David
February 1, 2005

“Two powerful House committee chairmen are locked in a standoff over how to handle a federal driver-licensing standard, the first in what could be a number of intraparty Republican squabbles about immigration reform.

Judiciary Committee Chairman James Sensenbrenner (R-Wis.) introduced a bill Wednesday to create a federal standard for state driver’s licenses. That same afternoon, Government Reform Committee Chairman Tom Davis (R-Va.) announced [here] that he would offer legislation establishing almost identical standards.

The difference is that Sensenbrenner’s bill, the Real ID Act [summary], also includes provisions to tighten asylum abuse, close a fence along the Mexican border near San Diego and expand the grounds for deportation in terrorism-related cases. Davis’s bill, on the other hand, focuses solely on the creation of a federal standard for state driver’s licenses […]”

SOURCE: The Hill