Wash Post editorial: Up for the Count

By David
March 22, 2005

“MARYLAND VOTERS will never know for sure whether their election choices last year were recorded correctly — and the same uncertainty could haunt them next year if lawmakers again fail to address a serious defect in the touch-screen voting machines used throughout the state. When functioning properly — and the state elections administrator, Linda H. Lamone, insists that nearly all the machines did work last time — they are said to be as accurate as they are efficient. But without a paper trail showing each vote cast, who’s to know? [emphasis added] And what about the machines that did freeze or had mechanical problems? Voters should not have to take it on faith; yet as it stands, there is no way to conduct a solid recount or audit […]”

SOURCE: Washington Post

Note: ACM issued a statement in 2004 calling for, among other things, improved reliability, security, and verifiability of public elections.