Senate Dumps Real ID Act, But Legislation is Far From Dead

Update 4/28/05: Proving that Congress can move quickly when it needs to, is reporting (sub. req.) that conferees on the supplemental appropriations bill are close to a deal. Earlier in the week Senator Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) was quoted as saying that immigration provisions in the supplemental were likely to be included in […]

EAC Seeks Advice On Voting Databases, ACM Provides Expert Testimony

ACM recently formed a committee of experts (names and affiliations below) to provide states with guidance on implementing statewide voter-registration databases. Today the Committee outlined its efforts before the Election Assistance Commission (EAC), which is seeking input on its proposed guidance to the states regarding these databases.

High-Performance Computing Legislation Passes House

Today the House of Representatives passed the High-Performance Computing Revitalization Act. USACM and the Computing Research Association (CRA) praised the House’s action. USACM Chair Gene Spafford commented: “IT R&D — and especially investment in basic research and infrastructure — is an investment that pays enormous dividends. It fuels innovation that will help the U.S. retain […]

Alleged ID theft at DC Blockbuster

From an article in this morning’s Washington Post: A former employee of the Blockbuster video store in [Washington’s] Dupont Circle [neighborhood] has been indicted on charges of stealing customers’ identities, then using them to buy more than $117,000 in trips, electronics and other goods, including a Mercedes-Benz. A grand jury charged that Miles N. Holloman […]

Soaries resigning from Election Assistance Commission

Current Election Assistance Commission (EAC) member and former EAC chairman DeForest B. Soaries Jr. recently announced his resignation from the EAC, citing, among other things, dissatisfaction with the level of support the EAC has received from the federal government: “All four of us had to work without staff, without offices, without resources,” Mr. Soaries said. […]

Chairman Barton speaks out again on protecting personal information

The New York Times recently ran an editorial pointing out how crucial California’s data breach notification law has been in bringing to light the current vulnerabilities of personal information: