Questions (and suggestions) about DHS CPO

By David
April 13, 2005

Declan McCullagh’s most recent article provides some interesting insight into the power and effectiveness of the Department of Homeland Security’s Chief Privacy Officer (CPO), Nuala O’Connor Kelly. The article seems to reinforce the notion that privacy concerns aren’t always taken as seriously within DHS as they are within other organizations that have CPOs:

Nuala O’Connor Kelly, who got the [DHS CPO] post in April 2003, seems to be honestly trying to report on the sprawling bureaucracy’s privacy performance […]

But internal DHS documents show that Kelly does not have the authority that any true privacy officer needs […]”

McCullagh goes on to describe the trouble O’Connor Kelly had in trying to get information from DHS’s Transportation Security Administration regarding its involvement with passenger data from JetBlue, and he suggests some changes to address the situation.