Congress May Require Closer Scrutiny to Get a Driver's License

By David
May 3, 2005

From the front page of today’s NY Times, an article on the Real ID Act’s progress:

WASHINGTON, May 2 – Congress is moving quickly toward setting strict rules on how states issue driver’s licenses, requiring them to verify whether each applicant for a new license or a renewal is in this country legally.

A House and Senate conference now taking place has included the requirements, which apply to all 50 states and other jurisdictions that issue licenses, in a supplemental appropriations bill for Iraq, aides involved in the process said on Monday. The draft legislation will be completed in the next few days and is all but certain to pass.

This article confirms our earlier report that the Real ID Act is likely to remain a part of the supplemental appropriations legislation.

Recently, USACM sent Senator Lamar Alexander (R-TN), who has been working against the Real ID Act, a letter expressing our concerns about the bill.