More scrutiny of e-voting in Ireland

By David
June 15, 2005

EDRi’s latest newsletter informs us about a recent article in the Irish Times [subscription required] describing the Irish government’s plans to subject their e-voting machines to additional security and risk-related scrutiny:

The Government has initiated a new round of assessment and testing of the controversial €60 million electronic voting system currently in storage.

An advertisement for consultants to carry out an “additional security and risk assessment of all aspects of the electronic voting and counting system” was placed on the Government’s e-tendering website yesterday.

After use on a trial basis in the last general election, the electronic voting system was put on hold when questions arose over the ownership of the electronic code underpinning the system […]

EDRi’s newsletter explains how last year the government “decided at the last minute to cancel the usage [of e-voting machines], after the Independent Commission on Electronic Voting concluded in an interim report” that it could not “satisfy itself as to the accuracy and secrecy of the system.” The commission’s full report is available here.

Meanwhile, as regular readers will know, ACM has a study underway currently looking into implementing the statewide voter-registration databases mandated by the Help America Vote Act. Study members are making good progress and expect to release a report this Fall.