NYT, EFF, and others push for more support for Holt e-voting bill

By David
June 10, 2005

The NY Times is running an editorial today urging House members to support Rep. Rush Holt’s electronic voting bill (H.R. 550):

There are many problems with American elections, but none more serious than the rise of paperless electronic voting, whose results cannot be trusted. Grass-roots reformers are in the middle of a two-day lobbying blitz on Capitol Hill in support of a House bill that would require that electronic voting machines in federal elections produce voter-verifiable paper records. It is an important measure that should be passed without delay.

[…] The House resolution, sponsored by Rush Holt, a New Jersey Democrat, would require not only paper trails, but also random audits of the machines’ vote counts, and it would ban the use of undisclosed software. The bill, H.R. 550, has 135 co-sponsors, but it needs more support, especially from Republicans.

The lobbying effort that wraps up today – which is supported by groups like Common Cause and the Electronic Frontier Foundation – is aimed at winning that backing. Every member of Congress who cares about American democracy should get behind Mr. Holt’s bill.

More information about EFF’s efforts on behalf of H.R. 550 can be found on Deep Links, their weblog.

Readers may recall that ACM issued a statement in 2004 calling for voter-verifiable physical records in electronic voting systems and improved reliability, security, and verifiability of public elections.