Q&A with 2004 Turing Award Winner Bob Kahn

By Cameron
August 15, 2005

This past weekend CSPAN hosted a good Q&A session (click here for Real audio or transcript) with Bob Kahn. He gave a useful overview of his and Vinton Cerf’s thinking and work in developing TCP/IP, the federal government’s visionary role in funding their research, and some of the issues the Internet faces.

Bob Kahn and Vinton Cerf won ACM’s 2004 Turing Award, which is considered to be the Noble Prize of computing.

This is a good time to preview the ACM Turing Lecture, which ACM’s Special Interest Group for communications and computer networks (SIGCOMM) will host on August 22 at the University of Pennsylvania. Both Bob Kahn and Vinton Cerf will be speaking on the topic of “Assessing the Internet: Lessons Learned, Strategies for Evolution, and Future Possibilities.” It will be webcast.