Calling All Techies

The aftermath of hurricanes Katrina and Rita has revived an old idea that the federal government maintain lists of rapid response teams comprised of private sector technical experts to help rebuild after a disaster or terrorist attack. Called the “NET Guard,” Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) originally proposed this idea as part of the legislation that […]

Carter-Baker Commmission gets it partly right

Update (Sept. 26) — Carter and Baker have issued a response to some of the criticism their report has received — their comments appeared in the NY Times on Sept. 23 and are available here. As pointed out in today’s Washington Post, the Federal Commission on Election Reform (led by former president Jimmy Carter and […]

Barbara Simons receives UC Berkeley Lifetime Achievement Award

USACM’s Barbara Simons recently received a Distinguished Engineering Alumni Award for Lifetime Achievement from UC Berkeley. Currently she is a member of USACM’s executive committee and is co-chairing ACM’s study of statewide voter registration databases. The full ACM release regarding the award appears below:

Policy Makers Return to DC With Full Agenda

After a quiet August things are really picking up in Washington. Congress’ attention is squarely focused on the suffering and hardship caused by hurricane Katrina. ACM’s President Dave Patterson issued a statement to ACM members with suggestions on what the technology community can do to help. While dealing with this disaster will likely remain Congress’ […]

ACM Washington Update, Vol. 9.8 (August 31, 2005)

CONTENTS [1] Newsletter Highlights [2] Commerce Dept. Gets an Earful on Proposed Export Rule Changes [3] Is the U.S. Research Environment Hostile to Foreigners? [4] Turing Award Lecture Focuses on Internet’s Impact [5] Pressure Building in States Against Real ID Act [6] California Legislature Kills RFID Restrictions [7] USACM Looks Back at FY2005 [8] Events […]