USACM Chair cautions against underfunding cybersecurity research

By David
October 27, 2005

USACM Chair Gene Spafford testified today at a House Armed Services Committee hearing as part of a cybersecurity panel on “Asymmetric and Unconventional Threats.” He was joined on the panel by David Grawrock (Intel) and Paul Kurtz (Cyber Security Industry Alliance). Spafford’s written testimony can be found here. In his oral comments, Spafford stressed several points:

  • The interconnectedness of systems today, meaning that a vulnerability or attack in one system can lead to problems for other systems;
  • The fuzzy line now between civilian and military infrastructure (e.g., many military bases rely on civilian power grids, civilian networks, etc.)
  • The danger in underfunding and shortening the horizon for cybersecurity research; and
  • The need for more well-trained cybersecurity professionals.

We’ll have more on this hearing in our forthcoming October newsletter. Meanwhile, Peter Harsha (CRA) has an excellent post about the hearing and some of the background.