Technology Administration Report On Offshoring Released

At the end of July, Democrats on the House Science Committee released portions of a previously unreleased official report on globalization by the Administration; specifically the globalization and offshoring of knowledge-based industries. The report drew some controversy earlier in the year because the Administration only released a shorter 12-page version. The longer version, of which […]

USACM Looks Back at FY2006

Each July ACM’s Policy Office staff and USACM’s leadership compile USACM’s annual report for the past fiscal year (which closes on July 31). In this year’s report you will find descriptions of our work on the two major policy-related studies we put out this year: the first on voter registration databases, the second on ACM’s […]

USACM Warns Against Technology Mandates

Last year, a Federal Court struck down the Federal Communication Commission’s attempt to mandate a copy protection regime for digital television signals, called the “Broadcast Flag.” In the decision’s wake, the battle moved from the courts to Congress with several different proposals to enact the FCC’s flag proposal into law. At the same time, momentum […]

ACM Washington Update, Vol. 10.7 (August 4, 2006)

CONTENTS [1] Newsletter Highlights [2] Electronic Voting Receives Attention on Numerous Fronts [3] Administration and Congress Take Actions to Protect Privacy [4] ACM President Interviewed for CNET [5] Pieces of American Competitiveness Initiative Slowly Move Forward [6] Scientists Find Congress’ Access to Scientific Advice Lacking [7] About USACM