USACM Member To Advise Government on Privacy

By Cameron
October 2, 2006

Last week the Department of Homeland Security appointed Annie Anton (Professor of Software Engineering at North Carolina State University and USACM-EC member) to serve on the Data Privacy and Integrity Advisory Committee. She is the second USACM member to join the panel. Dr. Lance Hoffman (George Washington University) was appointed to serve last year.

The Department created the panel two years ago to advise the Secretary of Homeland Security and the Chief Privacy officer on the numerous privacy issues the department faces. Given the scope of DHS’s activities – dealing with customs, Citizenship and Immigration Services, and TSA data just to name three data-intensive bureaucracies – the Committee has a pretty broad mandate. Since it was commissioned, the Committee has produced several reports for government managers and policy makers:

Congrats to our USACMers!