Primer on IT Workforce Issues

By Cameron
September 2, 2008

In June, ACM, along with CRA and the National Center for Women in Information Technology (NCWIT), hosted a roundtable discussion with government affairs officials from some of the top IT companies (Microsoft, Cisco, HP, Google, etc.). The goal was to give them perspective on workforce issues that the professional computing organizations find while working within our community. The full report from this workshop is now available.

The meat of the report consists of three main sections — diversity, research and education. Lucy Sanders, Executive Director at NCWIT started the session off with a talk on diversity issues. Peter Harsha, Director of Government Affairs at CRA spoke about research issues. And I gave a talk on education issues — particularly focused on k-12 education.

The report is well worth a read for a quick primer on some of the key IT workforce issues.