President-elect Will Make Broadband Part of Economic Recovery

By David Bruggeman
December 11, 2008

In his most recent weekly address, President-elect Barack Obama outlined portions of his economic recovery plan. The address covered a few areas in which President-elect Obama intends to invest significant funds in order to stimulate the economy. Most of these investments are in infrastructure, which includes broadband. Deploring the typically poor standing the United States has in global measurements of broadband use and deployment, the President-elect indicated that he wanted to connect schools, libraries and hospitals to the internet, The inclusion of hospitals implies that health information technology will need to be addressed should this economic plan be approved by Congress. Reaction to the inclusion of broadband in the economic recovery plan was well received by stakeholders in this area. Of course, these short weekly addresses don’t get into great detail, but the mention of broadband is encouraging. You can read and/or watch the address from the link embedding above.