EAC Announces Proposed Revisions to 2005 Voluntary Voting System Guidelines

By David Bruggeman
June 3, 2009

On Monday the Election Assistance Commission (EAC) released a draft of the Voluntary Voting System Guidelines (VVSG) Version 1.1 for public comment. This version of the VVSG is an update of the current version of the VVSG, approved in 2005 and in effect since 2007. The comment period will close in late September, and the EAC plans to release the final edition of VVSG 1.1 in late 2009.

In late 2007 the EAC released a different set of the VVSG, which is now considered VVSG 2.0. USACM submitted comments on those proposed guidelines, and the EAC still intends to release this next iteration at some time in the future. For now, the proposed revisions focus on areas that the EAC and NIST believe will not require significant effort to implement. They cover the following areas:

    1) Hardware and software performance benchmarks and test method
    2) Software workmanship
    3) Test plan and test report
    4) TDP and voting equipment user documentation
    5) Non-EMC environmental hardware
    6) Human factors requirements
    7) System security documentation requirements
    8) Election records
    9) Voter verified paper audit trails (VVPAT)
    10) Cryptography
    11) External interface requirement
    12) EAC requests for interpretation (RFI) decisions
    13) General edits

Again, the public comment period will be open until late September. Comments may be submitted electronically, by mail, or via an online comment tool that will be made available sometime during the summer. We’ll post updates to this blog as this process moves forward.