Computers, Freedom and Privacy 2010 Conference

By David Bruggeman
October 16, 2009

The Computers, Freedom and Privacy (CFP) Conference has just released its call for proposals for the 20th edition of the conference. It will take place June 15-18, 2010 in San Jose. The theme this year is Computers, Freedom, and Privacy in the Networked Society. The early bird deadline for proposals is December 1, and final deadline is January 31. One of the conference organizers offers this starting list for possible topics.

  • social networks
  • health care privacy (including electronic health records and medical identity theft)
  • cloud computing
  • network activism for freedom and privacy
  • surveillance networks
  • the impact of data retention and privacy breach legislation around the world
  • getting beyond the “security vs. privacy” framing
  • mobile phones as universal surveillance
  • anonymity in a networked world
  • behavioral internet targeting: advertising and political campaigning
  • free culture
  • ethics and computing
  • media concentration and its implications
  • accessibility
  • high-speed internet access policy
  • freedom of information
  • location-aware devices and geographical discrimination
  • open source
  • fair information practices as a floor, not a ceiling