Administration Finally Releases Open Government Initiative

By David Bruggeman
December 15, 2009

After a few months of waiting, the Obama Administration released its Open Government Initiative last week. The initiative was just the start of what appears to be several steps from this administration to increase the amount of government data made available to the public, and continues a trend started with,,, and other websites to make it easier for people to read and reuse that data. You can follow the development of these initiatives and others on the White House’s Open Government Blog. USACM weighed in on how to best post information online for easy reading and reuse in our Open Government Statement

The Initiative, available online, requires several things from the Chief Technology Officer, the Chief Information Officer, and government agencies over the next 4 months, including:

  • Each agency will place three high-quality data sets online
  • Establish an open government page on each agency website
  • Each agency will establish an open government plan
  • The CTO and CIO will set up an open government dashboard for people to track agency and government progress

Check the initiative for the full list and specific deadlines. Many agencies have already announced open government projects, and the Office of Science and Technology Policy has started requests for comment on expanding open access to federally funded research results and the open government dashboard.

If the flurry of activity over the last week can be maintained throughout this first phase of the Open Government Initiative, there could be significant changes in what the federal government will do online and the ability of the public to watch, learn, and benefit from that work.