CS Education Gets Congressional Attention

Last week was a huge one for computer science education in the Nation’s Capital. Congressmen from both parties introduced two pieces of legislation – The Computer Science Education Act and the Computer Science Education Week Resolution – intended to help strengthen computer science education. I’ve written before that the road to education reform is long, and progress will […]

USACM and SIGPLAN Comment on SEC Python Proposal

The Securities and Exchange Commission recently issued a request for comments on proposed changes to the rules regulating asset-backed securities. Part of the suggested changes included a requirement to file a computer program of the contractual cash flow provisions expressed in a particular computer language – Python. In connection with ACM’s Special Interest Group for […]

Hill Tech Happenings, Week of August 2

The House is presently on recess until after Labor Day, and the Senate is scheduled to join them by the weekend. August 4 (Continues to noon on August 6) The Information Security and Privacy Board will meet to discuss a variety of matters. 1221 22nd Street, NW, Washington, D.C.