Policy Highlights from Communications of the ACM – December 2010 (Vol. 53, No. 12)

By Wadmin953789
March 22, 2011

Below is a list of items with policy relevance from the December issue of Communications of the ACM. As always, much of the material in CACM is premium content, and free content one month may slip behind a pay wall the next. You need to be a member of ACM or a subscriber to CACM to access premium content online.

News: Education
CSEdWeek Expands Its Reach by Marina Krakovsky
A review of computer science education to note the second Computer Science Education Week held in December 2010.

News: Society
The New Face of War by Samuel Greengard
A review of current and future possibilities in cyberattacks framed by the Stuxnet worm.

News: Forum
A Matter of Privacy by David Lindley
Summary of a September 2010 forum about online privacy held in Washington, D.C.

Viewpoints: Broadening Participation
The Role of Hispanic-Serving Institutions in Contributing to an Educated Work Force by Ann Quiroz Gates
The author argues that supporting the efforts of minority serving institutions to become stronger institutions provides an additional tool for encouraging broader participation from underrepresented groups in science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields.

We Need a Research Data Census by Francine Berman
An argument is made for a Research Data Census to take periodic snapshots of the digital data landscape. Such a census could provide guidance in decisions about data storage and management across the country.

The Theft of Business Innovation: An ACM-BCS Roundtable on Threats to Global Competitiveness by Mache Creeger
A roundtable discussion among security and policy experts on the new security threat to business information.