Policy Highlights from Communications of the ACM – July 2011 (Vol. 54, No. 7)

By David Bruggeman
August 17, 2011

Below is a list of items with policy relevance from the July issue of Communications of the ACM. As always, much of the material in CACM is premium content, and free content one month may slip behind a pay wall the next. You need to be a member of ACM or a subscriber to CACM to access premium content online.

News: Technology
Automotive Autonomy by Alex Wright
A description of recent advances in automating automobiles, focusing on efforts support by Google and the European Union.

Viewpoint: Legally Speaking
Too Many Copyrights? by Pamela Samuelson
The author describes the current lack of copyright registration requirements and whether reinstating them makes sense.

Viewpoint: Broadening Participation
The Status of Women of Color in Computer Science by Maria Ong
Outline of the reasons why it can be difficult to attract and retain women of color in computer science.

Review Article
Cellular Telephony and the Question of Privacy by Stephen B. Wicker
A discussion of the legal and technical history of cell phone surveillance and the possibility of mitigating this potential with a private overlay.