Policy Highlights from Communications of the ACM – August 2011 (Vol. 54, No. 8)

By David Bruggeman
November 9, 2011

Below is a list of items with policy relevance from the August issue of Communications of the ACM. As always, much of the material in CACM is premium content, and free content one month may slip behind a pay wall the next. You need to be a member of ACM or a subscriber to CACM to access premium content online.

News: Technology
Supercomputing’s Exaflop Target by Tom Geller
Geller recounts the current state of supercomputing activity, and the political implications of winning or losing the race for the fastest supercomputer.

Viewpoints: Privacy and Security
As Simple As Possible – But Not More So by S.M. Bellovin, S.O. Bradner, W. Diffie, S. Landau, and J. Rexford
The authors review the U.S. government’s EINSTEIN program for detecting and preventing intrusions on computer networks, discussing the challenges in implementing such a system in the private sector.