USACM Offers Comments on Federal Cybersecurity R&D Strategy

By David Bruggeman
December 20, 2012

The National Science Foundation (NSF) sought comments on the Federal Cybersecurity Research and Development Plan. The plan was released in late 2011, and NSF was interested in getting feedback from the research community on the effectiveness of the plan.

Yesterday USACM submitted comments in response to this request, outlining our interests in cybersecurity research and development. We indicated that any work in cybersecurity should emphasize that the field is much more than technically-oriented research questions. Additional things to consider include:

  • Training that integrates the results of research to help the workforce adopt new technologies and practices.
  • Human subjects research to understand why the public does (or does not) adopt various cybersecurity technologies and practices.
  • Privacy research that addresses both how the public perceives privacy in the context of cybersecurity and how new cybersecurity technologies and practices can integrate privacy.

The specific questions in the Request for Comment allowed for USACM to highlight its participation in the Identity Ecosystem Steering Group, concerns over restrictions on participation in scientific conferences, and establishing a proper balance between national security and law enforcement concerns and privacy interests.