NIST Working On Big Data Technology Roadmap

By David Bruggeman
August 22, 2013

On September 30, the National Institute of Standards and Technology will host a Big Data workshop at its headquarters in Gaithersburg, Maryland. The focus of the workshop is to continue the work of the NIST Big Data Working Group in developing a Big Data Technology Roadmap. Registration for the conference is free and open to the public, but must be done by September 23.

The Big Data Working Group was established in June to start work on the Technology Roadmap. The Roadmap is intended to help determine the appropriate “analytic techniques, technology infrastructure, and data usage” to support the secure adoption of Big Data. Defining Big Data will be an important part of this work, and definitions is one of the major products the Working Group will have available in advance of the September 30 workshop.

The workshop is not the beginning of the NIST project, but perhaps the end of the beginning. Public feedback to the initial draft of the Roadmap will inform further drafts and possibly influence subsequent deadlines.