FCC Invites Public Comments on Closed Captioning of IP-Delivered Video Clips

By Renee Dopplick, ACM Director of Public Policy
January 7, 2014

The FCC invites public comments on applying closed captioning rules to IP-delivered video clips. The deadline for public comments is January 27, 2013.

In its IP Closed Captioning Order, the FCC determined that full-length online video programming must provide closed captioning pursuant to the 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act of 2010 (CVAA). The FCC left open whether the closed captioning rules should apply equally to online video clips. A coalition of consumer groups petitioned the FCC for reconsideration. The FCC now seeks public comment.

The FCC asks commenters to address the following issues:

• To the extent that some entities have already captioned these clips, what technical challenges, if any, had to be addressed?

• How does the captioning of IP-delivered video clips differ from the captioning of full-length IP-delivered video programming?

• What are the differences between captioning live or near-live IP-delivered video clips, such as news clips, and prerecorded IP-delivered video clips?

• What steps must be taken in order to caption IP-delivered video clips?

• Should closed captioning of IP-delivered video clips be required as a legal and/or policy matter?

• How is the position in the public comment consistent with the CVAA, its legislative history, and the intent of Congress?

• What are the costs-benefits of requiring closed captioning of IP-delivered video clips?

• How have consumers been affected by the absence of closed captioning?

• If the Commission imposes closed captioning obligations for IP-delivered video clips, should the requirements apply to all video clips, or only to a subset of such clips? If only to a subset, what subsets would be most appropriate and what would be the rationale for excluding others?

Additional information about the “Media Bureau Seeks Comment on Application of the IP Closed Captioning Rules to Video Clips” is available at: