NIST Continues To Take Feedback On The Cybersecurity Framework

By David Bruggeman
August 30, 2014

(Edited September 4 to focus on NIST activities concerning the Cybersecurity Framework)

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has posted a Request for Information on the Cybersecurity Framework, with a deadline for comments of October 10.   Developed and administered by the (NIST), the first version of the Framework was released in February of this year, along with a Roadmap.

NIST is particularly interested in understanding how companies and organizations in all critical infrastructure sectors are approaching the Framework.  The broad categories in the request are:

  • Current Awareness of the Cybersecurity Framework
  • Experiences With the Cybersecurity Framework
  • Roadmap for the Future of the Cybersecurity Framework

NIST is hosting its 6th workshop on the Framework October 29-30 in Tampa.  An agenda is not yet available, but NIST indicates the target office is owners and operators of critical infrastructure and cybersecurity staff.  Registration is available online.