USACM Submits Comments On National Privacy Research Strategy

By David Bruggeman
October 21, 2014

On October 17, comments closed on a Request for Information from the Networking and Information Technology Research and Development (NITRD) program.  Agencies in this program are working on a National Privacy Research Strategy, and sought input from the public.  Specifically, the request asked for input on the privacy objectives that would inform the strategy.  The strategy will emphasize “research directions for privacy-enhancing technologies, designs, and methods to enable privacy-preserving information systems.”

USACM submitted comments in response to the Request for Information.  In those comments, USACM outlined several scenarios that highlight privacy issues that would benefit from additional research.  The comments also recommended including more than one paradigm for evaluating privacy research results.  Focusing on one privacy paradigm (such as economic privacy) to the exclusion of others (like privacy as autonomy) would provide a limited view on the value of research questions and the results of privacy research.

USACM encouraged the use of multi-disciplinary approaches to privacy research questions.  To that end, it also recommended new training for computer science researchers, so that they can better understand how end users experience privacy.  Finally, in commenting on privacy architecture, USACM noted that it’s important to address both software architecture and enterprise architecture.

This Request for Information was the first part of the development of the National Privacy Research Strategy, a process likely to take a few months.  There may be additional opportunities to comment once NITRD has developed a draft or preliminary research strategy.