USACM Comments on NIST Roadmap for Usability and Accessibility of Next Generation Elections

By Renee Dopplick, ACM Director of Public Policy
May 4, 2015

USACM submitted comments on the NIST roadmap for usability and accessibility of future voting technologies and systems. The roadmap represents a positive and achievable plan for working toward inclusive participation of all voters in elections and improved accessible, usable, and accountable systems throughout the election process. USACM looks forward to engaging in the ongoing efforts to improve and ensure the right of all voters to cast their votes independently and privately using secure, reliable, usable, accessible, and trustworthy computer-based systems.

NIST developed the roadmap in collaboration with the Center for Civic Design. The roadmap reflects input gathered from a wide range of public and private stakeholders at the state and federal levels. NIST also incorporated feedback from multistakeholder symposiums and workshops held in 2014 and 2015.

The roadmap identifies six priority areas and twenty-one objectives for future efforts and research. The six priority areas include:

  1. Supporting the design process
  2. Engaging voters effectively
  3. Addressing the entire voter journey
  4. Supporting evolving technology
  5. Providing useful guidance and standards
  6. Improving testing in design and certification

The roadmap and related materials are available at: